ASP - Kitoko Hair Conditioners Dandruff Control Balm

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ASP - Kitoko Dandruff Control Balm

ASP - Kitoko Dandruff Control Balm  
Helps to eliminate and protect against further out-breaks of dandruff. The anti-bacterial formula calms irritated scalps.

* Frequent-use conditioner

* Enhanced with African Pepper, Green Tea, Fire Tulip, Tamarind, Karite extract, Phospholipids, Climbazole, Vitamins A & E and NMF to eliminate bacteria and soothe irritation

* Alleviates dandruff and scalp irritation and leaves the hair tangle-free, shiny and manageable

* Colour-safe formula

Apply to cleansed, towel dried hair. Distribute evenly throughout, leave for a few minutes & rinse thoroughly.
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product shown: ASP - Kitoko Dandruff Control Balm