Knotty Boy Hair Shampoos A Knotty Boy DUO

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Knotty Boy A Knotty Boy DUO

Knotty Boy A Knotty Boy DUO  
Knotty Boy Dread Wax is specifically designed for starting and maintaining dreadlocks with ANY kind of hair.

It's a great conditioner for already-formed locks, and works miracles on dry, damaged dreads. Plus, it allows you to wash your hair and keep them dreads clean!

This rosemary/tea tree/peppermint dread shampoo bar combats dandruff, fights the itchies and give you the sweetest smelling dreads around.

Contains: 4oz Wax (you select which colour below) and Shampoo Bar

RRP: £21.00
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product shown: Knotty Boy A Knotty Boy DUO