IQ Intelligent Haircare Styling Products Styling - 10 in 1 Spray

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IQ Intelligent Haircare Styling - 10 in 1 Spray

IQ Intelligent Haircare Styling - 10 in 1 Spray  
Our 10 in 1 is 1 product with 10 benefits to your hair:

* Strengthens hair
* Provides body and texture
* Promotes hair growth; whey nourishes and fortifies the hair to promote thick, healthy and shiny hair
* Hydrates hair; great for damaged hair and split ends
* Protects hair cuticle from damage which can prevent hair shedding
* Vegetable protein absorbs easily leaving no build-up
* Detangler
* With added Vitamin E to promote healthy follicles and repair split ends
* Controls frizz
* Increases manageability and shine

ALL of our products are Sulphate and Paraben free. This means that our range is safe for use on all colour treated hair and you will find no harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours here.

Our whole product range has been enhanced with a blend of oils, proteins and extracts from the Amaranth plant. The plant itself is known as ‘the never fading flower’ and has been celebrated as far back as the Ancient Greeks for its range of healing properties.
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product shown: IQ Intelligent Haircare Styling - 10 in 1 Spray