Hair Brushes Tangle Angel - Hairbrush Silver

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Tangle Angel - Hairbrush Silver

Tangle Angel - Hairbrush Silver  
Beauty is now in the hand of the beholder…

An angel has landed to stroke away your tangles leaving your hair silky smooth and easy to manage.

Heaven-sent and innovative, the Tangle Angel is not only beautiful to look at, but also highly functional. Our brush has many new and unique features:

• Flexible detangling bristles
• Anti static
• Antibacterial
• Heat resistant
• Elegant Design

Your Tangle Angel can be held around the wings (for greater control and feel) or by the handle for everyday use.

** You may not be aware, but hairbrushes have the highest infestation rate of bacteria in the home. The Tangle Angel’s added antibacterial agent acts as a great defence against this unwanted problem.

The brush is available in three of exciting colours – Silver, Pink and Black – which all compliment the stunning design.
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product shown: Tangle Angel - Hairbrush Silver