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Hair Care Information

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Dandruff HairCare Tips:
Dandruff is defined by excessive flaking of dead tissue. Everyone sheds dead skin cells, but an excess of dead skin and can be embarrassing. A person with oily dandruff has over-active oil glands around the roots of the hair causing the natural shedding process to speed up, resulting in a crusty scalp, oily hair, and excessive flaking.
Dry dandruff is caused by oil glands becoming clogged, resulting in dull, dry looking hair and dry flakes of dead skin. To treat dandruff, alternate shampooing daily with a dandruff shampoo and a regular cleanser so that the scalp will not dry out. View: Anti-Dandruff Hair Products

Curly Hair: It is highly important that you do not fry your hair when you use your curling iron. For silky curls, start with clean dry hair. Spray on a heat-activated styling spray to protect hair. Take skinny sections of hair, about inch to one inch wide and curl. Make sure that ends are tucked into the clamps of the iron or they will flip up. Hold each section in the iron for no more than 30 seconds! View: Curly Hair Heat Protetion Products

Curl Enhancing products: We recommend: View: Curly Hair Enhancing Products

Quick Curls: For quick curls apply a bodifying foam to two-inch sections of clean, dry hair. Next, wrap hair around one, two or three fingers. The more fingers you use the, the bigger and looser the curls will be. Clip each curl with a hair pin. Blow-dry hair with a diffuser for 10 minutes. Let hair cool and remove hair pins. Just shake hair loose and you are finished.

Frizzy Hair?: Nobody wakes up and voila perfect hair, it takes at least one or two hair products to achieve a frizz-free look.
We recommend: View: Frizzy Hair Products

Dry Hair: Do not wash hair everyday unless it is oily. Daily shampooing can strip away the natural oils needed to coat the hair shaft and reflect light. You can let hair go up to 2 days without shampooing if hair is dry, damaged or chemically treated. 1-2 days is best, if hair is normal. Refresh your style without shampoo by rinsing with warm, then cool water. Style as usual. View: Dry Hair Products

Lustrous thick hair: Thick hair is often much more resilient to damage and dryness of daily shampooing than more fragile, thin hair. Daily shampooing will maintain the hair's natural shine and beauty. Because your hair is strong and healthy only the ends need conditioning. Thick hair tends to have an amount of wave or curl, if you are tired of flat ironing your hair, try applying mousse or gel to enhance the natural wave and texture of your hair, scrunching it as you dry.
To achieve more volume with fine and thin hair try the recommended products. View: Thicker Hair Products

Repair Damaged Hair: Damaged hair can be caused by excessive exposure to chlorine in swimming pools, over blow-drying and flat-ironing as well as intense chemical and color treatments. Although damaged hair is common, with proper treatment you can reverse the damage done to your hair. View: Damaged Hair Products

Oily Hair: There are ways you can help stop the oil from appearing - but you have to work at it. Do not wash hair everyday. The cleaner your hair is the more oil can saturate your glands and the harder the oil is to get rid of.
When washing your hair, make sure you are washing with a ph-balanced mild cleanser and scrubbing the build-up off with your finger tips. Try to avoid conditioning the roots, apply in the middle or to the ends of your hair.
Avoid using shine products at all costs. Keep away from 2-in-one shampoos and conditioners and any frizz serums. View: Oily/Greasy Hair Products

Thinning Hair:If you think your hair is thinning, although you do not have any real baldness, it is important to check that this is actually the case. Try the tug test, and remember that it is normal to lose 50–100 hairs a day. Sometimes, thinning of the hair can be entirely in the mind, as a symptom of depression.
Thinning of hair all over the scalp (rather than patchy baldness) can be due to various causes. In the case of mental or physical stress, it often occurs 2–3 months after the event. This is because at the time of the stress many follicles enter telogen (the resting phase) prematurely, and are then shed together at the end of telogen a few months later. In this situation, the hair loss usually recovers completely.
Some skin disorders, such as eczema or psoriasis of the scalp, can cause thinning of the hair. Usually the hair grows again once the skin problem is treated. We recommend the following products. View: Thinning Hair Products


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