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Solutions to your most common hair care problems.

Most salon brands use gentler surfacants in more concentrated amounts. Also, many high street brands produce products limiting the quality or amount of ingredients vital to maintain healthy hair.

We have listed some of the most frequently arising hair care problems below - just click on your problem and see the products that have been recommended for these specific areas.

01. My hair is too dry >>

02. My hair is curly and dry >>

03. My hair is curly and I’d like to temporarily straighten it >>

04. My hair is curly and I’d like to define/enhance them >>

05. I want my hair to look thicker >>

06. I have limp flyaway hair >>

07. I have dandruff >>

08. My hair is too greasy >>

09. My hair is too frizzy >>

10. I have split ends >>

11. I want to keep the colour in my hair for longer >>

12. My hair has been chemically treated >>

13. I like to use organic haircare products >>

14. Hair Loss and Thinning Hair Information >>

15. Male Shaving & Grooming Information and Advice >>

16. How to Use a Hair Straightening Iron >>

17. How to Use a Hair Curling Iron >>



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