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* General Information:
I want my hair to look thicker

There are lots of shampoos, conditioners and mousses on the market promising to volumize your hair.

How does this work? These products contain humectants that swell the hair shaft while polymers coat each strand. Your hair instantly looks thicker.

Give Me Volume
One of the biggest problems that we hear associated with long hair is the fact that it simply hangs there. What women want is long, smooth hair, but with just enough volume to look full and luxurious.

Here are a few ways to achieve that:

* If your hair seems to be flat the second it dries, the next time you wash it, try sitting on a chair and then lean over so that your hair falls forward (towards your knees). With your fingers, help your hair dry and at the last minute, use a blow dryer to finish the job. When you flip your hair back into place, you will have twice the volume you started with.

* To add volume, quite often styling products can help in a big way.
Mousse is probably the best product you can use for this purpose and they come in all price ranges.

* If you are looking for lots of volume, but not a lot of curl, pick up a set of the largest velcro rollers you can find. When the hair is barely damp to the touch, roll all of your hair in these self holding rollers and then allow it to dry naturally. The results will be tons of volume.

* PRODUCTS that we recommend:

Swell Volumizing range - As featured in The Guardian: This new three-product range (shampoo, conditioner, root spray) is the best I've come across at creating the illusion of thicker, healthier hair. It works brilliantly at pumping up my fine hair and believe me, I have tried hundreds of alternatives. Sali Hughes, The Guardian

Big Sexy Hair Big Volume Shampoo - a product line created to take hair to its maximum fullness. Sexy Hair products is designed to improve and maintain the hair’s moisture balance while producing voluptuous body. Also NEW Powder Play - Volumizing and Texturizing Powder creates maximum fullness, dimension and texture INSTANTLY on dry hair.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want Full Hair - Firm Hold - What it does: This soy-based formula delivers an extremely firm hold and adds volume while strengthening hair and protecting it from sun and environmental damage.

Joico Body Luxe Thickening Elixir - This sumptuous styling elixir dramatically transforms fine, limp strands into luxuriously thick hair with noticeably increased body and volume.

Lanza Art Elements Molding Paste - Thickens and provides more density to the hair, allowing for more manageable styles with increased volume, body and definition.

Clynol MASSIVE Volume Spray- Adds volume, shine and a flexible hold from root to tip.

Lanza Healing Volume - Thickening Shampoo - volumizing ingredients that add body and shine - a solution for hair that wishes to be full and beautiful.

Clynol Volume Boost Conditioner - Volumising range includes: shampoo, conditioner, styling and finishing products. Clynol have created the ultimate in hair care products to generate the very best for each and every customer.

Goldwell Style Sign Big Finish Volume Hairspray - Micro-fine hairspray for strong hold and all day volume. Creates the ultimate lift for shiny, big volume styles. Protects against high humidity.

L'Oreal TecNiArt Full Volume Extra - Creates extra volume for styles and provides softness and shine to the hair.The indispensable styling tool for creating hairstyles with volume, which combines super control with supple softness and brilliant shine. For all styles, smooth, supple or curly.

IQ Intelligent Haircare Structure Spray - Structure Spray is a superb, fast drying, all round styling spray, providing firm hold, volume and control. Enriched with Cranberry and Pink Grapefruit extracts. Structure spray protects and locks in moisture, helping to reduce the appearance of dry frizzy hair.

Revlon Equave Volumizing Conditioner - Instant, leave-in treatment. Hydrolysed keratin in the green phase fortifies, revitalizes and adds volume to the most lifeless hair.

Osis TEXTURE - Dust It - Incredible volume. Lightweight powder to texturize. Soft matt effect. Versatile control effect: the more you apply the more control you get.

TIGI Bed Head for Men Charge Up Thickening Conditioner - Charge Up Thickening Conditioner is a body building blend which increases volume while adding strength and moisture. Thickens hair.

* PRODUCTS that we recommend:

Lanza Healing Nourish - For women and men who struggle with advanced thinning hair or hair loss, help is on the way! Hair looks fuller with more density in 30 days. Easy-to-use, 3-step system.

Joico Re:Nu Age Defy Volumizing products - Fullness & Body regimen: These nourishing yet weightless formulas revitalize and strengthen, transforming fine, fragile hair into hair that looks and feels dramatically thicker, fuller and youthfully vibrant and soft.

Matrix Biolage Volumebloom Shampoo - The new Volumebloom products offer instant body and fullness to treat limp hair without creating any build-up. Reinvigorates fine, limp or lifeless hair with voluminous body and radiant shine.

Matrix Total Results Amplify Wonder Boost - Especially developed to build body and thickness where hair needs it most-the roots.

Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff Volumising powder - Just look at it! Cute and clever, this little hair genius from Kevin Murphy will transform your hair in moments. Just squeeze the soft pink rubber bottle and out will pouf a little dust. Rub said dust between your fingers and watch it morph into a wax/serum, which you can use on your roots to add a little body or on the ends of your hair for a little texture.

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Hairspray - Lasts all day! Spray into layers to maximize body and add shine.

Lanza KB2 Bodify Shampoo & Conditioner - This body-builing formula contains KB2, revitalizing botanicals & bodifying nutrients to delicattely cleanse & nourish, resulting in improved volume and shine. (ph 5.5)

D:FI Volume Powder - Anti-gravity volume powder with matte finish. Every rule was made to be broken, even gravity.

TIGI Bed Head Cocky - For hair that's full of itself, this crazy goo helps thicken your 'do! A fabulous paste which creates texture and thickness while adding strength and conditioning too.

Short Sexy Hair Frenzy - Bonds to hair and thickens the hair shaft to create fullness and separation. Gives dense texture and bulk. Adds fullness and volume. Provides medium to firm hold.

DIVA Big Hot Rollers - Want to bring back some of that 60s volume? Or big cascading curls? Divas new Big Hot Rollers will quickly become your key styling tool to create on-trend looks.

Lanza Art Elements Powder Up - AMAZING - instantly delivers lightweight texture & uplifting volume to all hair types.

TIGI Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo - Blow it out, tease it up, whatever your style may be... let's be honest size does matter. Get hair bursting with bounce and fullness. Sulfate-free shampoo with a volume boosting shot explodes your style, taking it to new heights. Get mind-blowing volume by using your favourite Superstar Stylers after you condition. Queen for a Day rocks at the roots!

Osmo Essence Extreme Volume Shampoo - For incredible volume and shine. Brilliant for adding body to fine, flyaway and limp hair, with essential oils of sandalwood and bergamot. Contains amino acids to strengthen and add volume while panthenol adds shine and body.

Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo - Light volumising shampoo that leaves even fine hair full of volume and vitality. Rich moisturising shampoo that leaves coarse/thick and unruly hair with a soft irresistible touch.

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