How Do I Use the Shopping Basket?

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How Do I Use the Shopping Basket?

Step 1: Using the Shopping Basket

When you have found the product(s) that you wish to buy, you can
order with Salon Collective following these quick and easy steps:

  • To see more information about a product, click the link.
  • To choose a different size of a product, click the drop down arrow.
  • To add more than 1 of a product, click in the quantity box and enter your required amount.
  • When you are happy with your selection, click to add the product to your basket.
  • When you have successfully added a product to your basket, the product details will be displayed in
    the basket contents section located at the top right of the page.
  • You can view your basket contents at any time, to do this click the "Shopping Basket"
    link at the top of the page, or click anywhere in basket contents section.
  • To continue shopping from the "Shopping Basket" page, click and you will be
    returned to the product/manufacturer page from which you added a product.
  • To AMEND a product quantity on the "Shopping Basket" page, click in the quantity box, enter the
    required amount and click , the page will refresh with your updated details.
  • To DELETE product on the "Shopping Basket" page, click the Delete Button button located to the right of
    the product that you wish to delete, the page will refresh with the amended basket details.
  • To EMPTY your basket completely on the "Shopping Basket" page, click , the page will
    refresh telling you that your shopping basket is empty.
  • To PURCHASE the product(s) in your basket, click on the "Shopping Basket" page.

Step 2: Delivery/Shipping Address

  • Make sure to provide precise city, county, and post (zip) code information. Remember to spell out the city to which you are shipping the order. Often abbreviations, misspellings, and other typos can result in errors in this section.
  • There is a delivery charge of £2.75. and 50p per item thereafter. Special delivery is also available. International rates differ and may be viewed in our Help section under Postage & Packaging.
  • You can add, edit, or delete shipping addresses while you are in this step of the checkout process.

Step 3: Shipping and Packaging

  • After entering the "deliver to" addresses, you can select a delivery method for your order - Standard or Special. Delivery charges will be applied according to your selection.
  • You have the option of choosing gift-wrapping. Just select the option that suits your needs.
  • If you're sending a gift, be sure to check the box marked "Gift Wrap." This will ensure that your order is processed appropriately.

Step 4: Payment Information

  • You can use a credit card for your Salon Collective purchases. During this step in the checkout process, you can add, edit, or delete your information. Select one credit card for the payment of your order.

Step 5: Order Confirmation

  • Make sure to check that your order information is correct, especially the delivery and billing addresses. If you decide not to place your order, you can cancel your order at this time. To place your order, click "Place Order."
  • If you want to change your order, or any of the delivery or billing information, go back to previous steps by clicking on any of the steps displayed on the top of the ordering pages.
  • Once the order is submitted, an Order Complete page will be displayed with an order number. Within an hour, you'll also receive an e-mail confirmation containing the same order number. Use this order number if you have any questions about the status of your order. Please note that you are unable to modify or cancel your order after you have placed your order. You will know that your order has been placed once you receive an order confirmation number after you click "Place Order."
  • We will process and deliver your order within 2 - 3 business days.

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